The Granny Flat Approval Process

Granny Flats are quick and easy to approve and construct.   Your plans can be drafted in 2 weeks, approved in 10 days and your new granny flat built within 10-12 weeks.  

The NSW Government has passed legislation to create more affordable housing in the region. This is called ‘The State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) – Affordable Housing’.  If your property and plans meet the criteria, you do not have to go through the Council DA process to have your plans approved.   Your planning approval can be fast tracked and approved within 10 days by a Private Certifier as a Complying Development.  We can help you with this from start to finish.

Granny Flat Approval Process Steps

1.     We will meet with you at your site to discuss your ideas and confirm that your property is suitable.  We can give you some preliminary pricing based on your granny flat choices.  You are welcome to bring plans from another designer for us to quote on (there is no charge for this visit).

2.     Our designer will attend the site and complete a detailed survey, check compliances with the Affordable Housing Legislation and complete property searches and a Site Build Zone Map.  ($2,400)

3.     The following documentation will be completed:

a.     Architectural Plans

b.     Structural Engineering Plans

c.     BASIX Certificate(energy efficiency ratings)

d.     Sydney Water Sewer approval

e.     Home Owners Warranty Insurance

*  ($3,300. A $600 discount applies if a standard design is chosen).

We are very flexible.  You can bring your own plans, choose one of our standard granny flat designs, make changes to one of our designs or have a completely customised design suited to your needs and your unique site.

4.     Once you are happy with the plans, they will be sent to our Private Certifier.   His role includes  approval of your plans, notifying the neighbours, visiting the site 5 times during construction for critical stage inspections, paying Council Lodgement Fees, Sydney Water Approval fees and the final Occupation Certificate ($2,400)

5.     If you have chosen to have a customised design or have provided your own plans, we will meet to discuss materials and finishes then complete a detailed quote for you.  Once this has been agreed, we will forward an easy to read Building Contract from ‘Department of Fair Trading’ to you for signing.

6.     We will take out a Home Owners Warranty Insurance Policy then request a deposit from you.  Building can then start!