Granny Flats - Step By Step

The easiest way to get started is to contact Bungalow Homes, tell us what stage you are up to and let us help point you in the right direction.

STEP 1:  CONTACT US and we can do a free background check on your property to see if you are eligible for complying development.

STEP 2:  REQUEST A QUOTE & ONSITE VISIT where we can give you an accurate quote and run through our quality inclusions.

STEP 3:  We DESIGN the layout that suits your needs and block then finalise drafting and submit all relevant documents for 14 day certification.

STEP 4:  Complete job run through, finalise finishes and signing of CONTRACT.

STEP 5:  CONFIRM FINANCE & PAY DEPOSIT (if needed we can start on site as early as 2 weeks from the contract date). Our average build is 13 to 15 weeks from start to finish!

STEP 6:  We provide you with the keys and occupation certificate to YOUR BRAND NEW BUNGALOW HOMES GRANNY FLAT!