The Granny Flat Building Process

You will be amazed at how quickly your granny flat materialises. The building process generally takes 13 to 15 weeks for most designs.

First we prepare the site and run services such as electricity, water and gas.  Next the slab or piers are constructed. The framing, termite protection, windows, roof and cladding quickly follow and the house is at lock up stage within a matter of weeks.  Over the following weeks the insulation, plasterboard, bathroom, kitchen, tiling and painting are completed to our very high standards.  The final step is landscaping, including plants, mulch, pebbles and new turf to ensure your Granny Flat looks great inside and out.  

Keys are then handed over and it’s all yours!

View our Bungalow Homes Timeline below for an indication of how your project will come together!

Or Print out here.


granny flat build timeline